About Motivation

Guru is our shelter, our guide, and our friend. His instructions are our power. His instructions are like the wind, but your sails must be open to receive the wind. He doesn’t open your sails for you. Self reliance and dependence go together as do wind and sails.

Guru is not a crutch, but someone who is meant to help you become powerful. But it is good to have a friend who will hold you to a higher standard.

Our greatest inspiration will come when we connect with a service that deeply inspires us. This will be our daily motivation. What would you look forward to doing daily, something that you could do for the rest of your life in the service of Krsna? When you discover this, it will solve your motivation problems.

Guru is more of a director than a motivator. “Go this way, not that way.” You require the internal drive/taste to move being inspired by his mission, his love and his person. Then he can tell you which direction to move.

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