Be Brutally Honest With Yourself

To become more sexually pure, it’s essential to be more perceptive about where you are going off in your thoughts, more perceptive than you have been. What are you really thinking when you are “innocently” looking at a woman (in person, in a picture, in a movie, etc.).  Usually when a man appreciates the beauty of a woman, there is a desire to enjoy that woman, even if he doesn’t recognize it (otherwise why would he look at her for more than a second). If you notice this about yourself, you can begin to control your sexual thoughts on the most subtle levels. 

Also, notice if you are doing anything with a motive to impress a woman. At one time in Brazil the men wanted to remove all women from their temples. Hrdayananda Maharaja jokingly said, “Then who will the men perform for?”

In what ways are you being dishonest about your lust, not recognizing your lust when it happens and for what it is?

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