Beliefs – Getting to the Root of the Problem

Beliefs are what we feel certain about, be they true or not. Beliefs make us comfortable because they justify our actions. You can understand a person’s beliefs by observing their actions (a thief believes stealing is ok, a husband who works 14 hours a day believes work is more important than family). So you can ask yourself, what must I believe about women to act the way I do towards them? 


  • What are your beliefs about women and how do those beliefs affect you? 
  • Determine which of those beliefs are helping you and write down how they are helping you. 
  • Determine which of those beliefs are hurting you and write down how they are hurting you. 
  • Replace beliefs that are hurting you with helpful or empowering beliefs. 
  • Write affirmations from your helpful beliefs. 

Below are examples of affirmations

I treat women with respect
I see women as servants of Krsna
I relate to women as mother and honor the motherly nature in women
I see myself as a servant of women
I am kind to women
I see women as self-respecting, valuable human beings. 


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