Cause of Our Anger

Where does anger come from?

It may seem that external situations make us angry, but no situation, no person can make us manifest what we do not have inside. Anger is not outside, it is within us.

Does anger live in you? If yes, then when someone hurts you, you are likely to get angry. But we don’t have to respond with anger for anger.

This world has many lessons to teach us, and the main lesson is that we are not in control. Anger is usually a reaction to our frustration with something we have no control over.

Anger is often associated with pride. A humble person does not consider himself so important that everything should happen in accordance with his desires. In other words, he doesn’t feel he has the right to be upset that the world isn’t working out according to his plans.

We create and manifest anger in response to a situation that upsets us. However, if we create it, we can also stop creating it.

We can also develop a more appropriate response to similar situations so that we don’t get upset in the future. And remember, we punish ourselves with our anger.

The antidote to anger is compassion. Every time we get angry, we deny the person who made us angry and feel compassion.

Treat all situations that provoke you to show anger as a test sent to us by Krishna. He wants to see how we react to difficult situations and people who annoy us, and it is important for us to remember this.


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