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Practice Tolerance

Prabhupāda said that the real sign of advancement is not your external position, but how humble and tolerant you are. He simplified the entire sexual matter by saying “just tolerate the itch.” It is helpful to see such a huge challenge in this simplistic way. Seen in this way, we are having an entire workshop to learn how to tolerate the itch. As crazy as it sounds, success in Kṛṣṇa consciousness is largely dependent on tolerating this itch.

Every man who wants to be sexually pure must practice a high level of tolerance, day in and day out. If we think we’ll naturally become sexually pure as we age, we may be in for a surprise. Physically, the body slows down, but the mind doesn’t necessarily slow down with it. Prabhupāda said that for the average person, the desire to enjoy sex continues throughout life, so be prepared to spend a life of sexual tolerance. It is difficult at times (or for some it’s difficult all the time), but the alternative is more difficult. It’s always helpful to remember that nothing great happens without great effort.

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