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Mahatma Das May 4, 2021
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Self-Love as a Cure for Sexual Impurity

Any activity that moves us further from self-realization can be regarded as a reflection of a lack of self-love manifested as envy of ourselves. This lack of self-love moves us to act in ways not aligned with our highest self-interest.

To increase our self-love as it relates to sexual purity, it is helpful to act in ways that are healthy for all dimensions of our being.


  1. Are you doing anything self-destructive?
  2. Do you have any beliefs about yourself that say you are not worth the trouble to care for yourself well?
  3. Do you see your sexual impurities in any way being nourished by a lack of self-care or love? If so, what are things you can do in your life to be more self-loving, or what changes in your consciousness are needed for you to be more self-loving?
  4. What positive action do you do for self-care?
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