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Women as Mother

Mahatma Das June 26, 2021
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Woman as Mother

Since any woman other than your wife is to be treated as mother, any woman other than your wife that you are having sexual attraction towards, be it to lust after her, to see her naked, to have an affair with, means you are doing that with your mother.

Women other than your wife do not belong to you. Enjoying them with your eyes is stealing. Jesus said that to lust after a woman is to commit adultery.

You Are Your Analogies

We see life through our analogies. Woman as mother is an analogy. Women as instruments for sexual gratification is another analogy. Choose your analogies wisely because they tend to mold your consciousness.

To treat women as mothers means to treat women with respect, service and protection, the exact opposite of exploitation. Whenever you want to overcome a bad habit, act in ways opposite to the habit. Thus our only relationship with women should be one of respect, service, and protection.


1. What are your analogies for women? (What are they, not what are they supposed to be?)
2. How do these analogies affect you?

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