Danger Signs in Marriage

Danger Signs in Marriage

One should not be alarmed by detecting some of the signs listed below. However, it is important to notice and acknowledge these problems, and to take suitable action before they become serious. Preferably talk with your spouse about these challenges and, and if necessary seek help from others.

  1. The couple has little or no fun together, few friendly and intimate talks.
  2. The relationship lacks affectionate dealings (sweet words, gifts, service, etc.)
  3. The couple ignores or avoids problems (or each other).
  4. One or both spouses acts selfishly, focusing only on his or her needs and desires.
  5. The couple has repetitive and seemingly irresolvable arguments about such issues as sex,
    money, children, in-laws, etc.
  6. The couple has a general breakdown in communications. Communication is marked by
    criticism, ridicule, sarcasm, put-downs and/or name-calling.
  7. Inappropriate behavior with members of opposite sex (e.g. flirting).
  8. One spouse uses physical confrontation such as shoving, slapping, pinching as a means of
    coping with frustration.
  9. One or both spouses discuss or threaten to separate or divorce.

Reproduced from Vaisnava Family Resources.

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