Devotee: As you said in your mail that greatest inspiration comes from service in connection with guru and Krsna! So honestly, I myself have been looking for that! So what’s your instruction for me?

Mahatma Prabhu: First you need to search your heart to find out what you really connect with, what you really like doing, your nature. You say you like to control. Perhaps you have a nature to organize. Control is okay, as long as you are gentle with people.

Criticism is caused by pride and also by insecurity, i.e. a need for others to think you are great or because you doubt something about yourself.

When you find what really motivates you, you don’t need determination. That is a contradiction of terms. No one needs determination to do what they like. They only need it to do what they don’t like.

Here’s some good advice: follow everything you tell others!

As far as getting regulated, this is where you need to determine. You need to decide that from today this is what I will do, i.e. rise early, chant well, etc. Until you make that decision, instructions alone will be insufficient.

You need a reason to make that decision. If you say you love me, then you will improve your sadhana. That is love for guru, i.e. to follow his instructions. And his instructions are identical with Prabhupada’s instructions.

If you are to be a mentor, follow this principle: don’t teach anything you first don’t do yourself. This will help you a lot.

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