How To Avoid Masturbation Or Nightfall?


  1. REGULAR PRACTICE one can become an expert boatman. Similarly by learning to Attentively Chant the Holy Names, we can calm the mind to become completely obedient to the will of Guru and Krishna.
  2. When we see anarthas lurking repeatedly in our heart, we can understand that the dose of Divya Jnana we’re taking in is not enough. It is better to spend more time absorbing in studying Scriptures deeply and hearing chosen lectures to counteract a specific anartha.  Cultivate TRANSCENDENTAL KNOWLEDGE
  3. We should not overwork compromising on sleep, sadhana, study, strained relationships with devotees etc for achieving results. We need a BALANCE between ‘janma sarthaka kori’ and ‘paropakar’.
  4. Most powerful way to overcome anarthas is to hear from great souls how to apply pure principles to counteract that anartha. You can look for the verse  ‘asankalpaat jayet kaamam,  dambham mahad upaasaya,  yogaantaraayaan maunena,  himsan kamaad aneehayaa’  in SB to get more clues.   AVOID THAT WHICH SHOULD BE AVOIDED.
  5. Keep body, mind, words preoccupied with overwhelming services and plans for the future services. Let mind become filled with anxiety for finishing your duties to Hari, Guru and Vaishnavas.  Even when you lie down in bed, let mind plan for completion of services tomorrow.  Where is room for sense gratification in such a spiritual absorption?  If my body is physically strong, I can do physical services and drain the passion.  If my mind is very speculative, I can use it in chanting more rounds and planning more for Krishna’s service.  KEEP BUSY ALWAYS.

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