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Dear Bhakti Support Community Member,

We have an exciting update to share with you! The Bhakti Support platform is transitioning to be located at: https://sattva-life.mn.co/feed.

Starting August 28th this platform of bhaktisupport.org will no longer exist.

Please click on this link, https://sattva-life.mn.co/feed to join the Sattva Life platform.

Specific devotee courses are hidden (for now) on this platform so the links below are the ways to join the courses.

The courses will be free for one month, August 27th - September 27th. This is in hopes of a smooth transition for all the devotees who have already donated for courses as well as giving a bonus to new course participants to get a course for free.

If you are getting a course for free and would like to donate to support the more courses in progress, you can PayPal https://mahatmadas.com/donate-by-paypal/

Access the courses at these links:

Forgiveness Foundational: https://sattva-life.mn.co/share/tjIWOxmcdPxRHeOF?utm_source=manual

Forgiveness Intensive: https://sattva-life.mn.co/share/CpKZWcNrO3UjYm12?utm_source=manual

Vows (NEW): https://sattva-life.mn.co/share/nQttjgeXtNtHdb8d?utm_source=manual

Sexual Purity for Men: https://sattva-life.mn.co/share/SyTUGobo4vNLehLB?utm_source=manual

Bhakti Basics: https://sattva-life.mn.co/share/U4uzuqQmkZG2tTKF?utm_source=manual

And our Devotee Support Group on the platform: https://sattva-life.mn.co/share/JGOtFDrWeB-vDCB_?utm_source=manual

You can access this Sattva Life community on the Mighty Networks platform via your desktop computer and mobile devices. For your mobile devices search your app store for 'Mighty Networks'.

If you have any questions for this transition, Rasa Manjari Devi is happy to answer your questions. You can send her an email at: ruusukaali108@gmail.com.

Thank you for being a member of the Bhakti Support community and we look forward to greeting you next in the Sattva Life Community via the Mighty Networks platform.


The Sattva Life Team

Living the Wisdom of Bhakti