Sexual Sobriety for Men Newcomers

Welcome to the sexual sobriety support group. We want to offer a number of tools that will help you to become sexually sober. 

What we offer here:

  • Top Menu:
    • Under the ‘Articles’ section you will find categorised articles on this topic. You can search articles by keyword too. 
  • In the group
    • Under ‘Rules’ you will find the guidelines that we expect all the participants to strictly adhere to as we want to create a safe space for everyone to take part. 
    • You will find a number very useful books under ‘Documents’ section 
    • We also have devotees in our group who specialise in offering support via SA (Sexoholics Anomymous) 12 steps programme.You can read about about SA here:  You are welcome to ask more info about that in the ‘Feed’ section. 
    • ‘Feed’ section is like a facebook group where you can interact with other group members by sharing any useful thoughts, inspiration, victories or struggles, asking a question or seeking any advice. You are welcome to ask a question 
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