Sexual Sobriety for Men Rules & Guidelines

Sexual Sobriety Support for Vaishnavas – Men’s Group

The purpose of this group is to help devotees who are struggling to follow the regulative principles and/or are having problems with online pornography.  The goal is to support each other in our efforts to become sexually controlled through Krishna consciousness.

Apart from Krishna Conscious support we are also using Sexoholics Anonymous recovery programme that helped thousands of people to become sexually sober for many decades.   

The Group Guidelines are as follows:  

Maintain Confidentiality. The membership and anything shared in this group will not be disclosed to anyone else, either personally, digitally, in a letter, or otherwise.

Be Respectful. You are free to be vulnerable and accountable to the group by revealing your challenges, successes and failures,  but avoid anything that may be seen as offensive, disrespectful towards members, other vaishnavas, or that might damage the faith of  members in Srila Prabhupada, Krishna or ISKCON.  

Do Not Share Explicit Sexual Details. This group is for sharing our challenges, realizations, information and literature either Krishna conscious or secular, instructional or practical, that aids members in becoming sexually sober.  Sharing explicit sexual details or extreme acting out behavior is prohibited. Also, profane language is not allowed

Sharing Not Debating. This group is not intended as a platform for debate, although it can be used to ask questions of the group that may engage the members in friendly and respectful deep discussions. 

If you believe someone has stated something that is not correct, rather than challenge that person personally, begin your text with “A point of information” and then give that information as it is without opinion in order to avoid arguments. If you wish to discuss the matter further, you can write to any member personally. 

Suggestions. You are welcome to make suggestions to the group administrators on how to improve the group. 

Inappropriate Participation. You may contact one of the group administrators if you feel any member’s participation is disturbing. You may suggest to the administrator any member that you think should not be in the group and why.

Look For a Sponsor. If following SA, you are encouraged to find a devotee friend or sponsor from the group or a non devotee sponsor in a 12 step program who can act as your accountability partner and guide as well as someone you can reach out to when you are feeling weak.  This is a very important component in your effort to be sexually pure. 

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