A six-year-old girl in New Orleans was the first black student to attend a mixed school after apartheid. The white people were so disturbed that a black girl was going to a school that was formerly all-white, that she had to be escorted by Federal Marshals. The white students boycotted the school and there were mobs of people protesting and screaming at her every day when she went to and left school.

And she would be saying something under her breath as she walked in. When asked what she was saying, she said, “I am praying to God to forgive them.” When asked why she would do that, she said, “Don’t you think they need to be forgiven?”

Stories of Forgiveness – 2

A young man was once flirting with a girl in a bar. He began touching her and this so enraged the girl that she pulled out a knife. Moments later she had stabbed him to death.

She spent the rest of her life in jail miserably living with the guilt of having killing someone who had a whole life ahead of him. But there was one woman who somehow took compassion on this murderer. She regularly visited her in prison to help her deal with her grief and support her in any way she could.

That person who helped this girl was a most unlikely candidate for this job. It was the mother of the young man this girl stabbed to death.