Your Story

A baby lion was raised by a family of sheep. When he grew older they sent him away because he was different. A man found him lamenting because he was faced with a life alone. The man asked why are you so depressed and the lion told him of his plight. The man said you are not a sheep, you are a lion. When the lion finally realized who he was, he became happy. As long as he thought he was a weird kind of sheep, he remained unhappy.

So he had the wrong story about who he was. Similarly, many of us have stories about who we are or what happened to us. It’s not really what happens to us that upsets us, but it’s the story we tell ourselves about what happened to us that upsets us. If we change the story, then we can go from resentment to forgiveness. So what actually happened to you that is causing you to remain resentful. What story are you telling yourself?

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